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Massage therapist Marin Leaza Urban

Leaza Urban, Certified Massage Therapist, Owner

Leaza is a Master Bodyworker specializing in relief from chronic or acute aches, pain & tension; recovery from surgery, auto accidents & injury; and deep relaxation & stress reduction. Whether you want to address structural & postural issues or you need to unwind & calm your body, mind & spirit, she uses a combination of advanced techniques and an intuitive ability that allows her to address your unique, individual needs.

Awaken Your Body was established by Leaza Urban

in 2004 and has since grown into a thriving practice offering the best care, from deep relaxation to treating discomfort and chronic or acute pain to assisting with rehabilitation. Her work is a great compliment to other treatments, such as Physical Therapy, as it contributes to bringing more balance to the body. Leaza encourages you to use massage as a part of your commitment to a healthy lifestyle, as massage helps reduce your stress level, of course, which is good for your spiritual and physical body but it also helps you maintain your physical health by allowing you to have enough comfort in your body to keep moving and exercising. It also gives you time to slow down and check in with yourself while you're on the table. This time is a valuable, well deserved gift for you to give yourself AND those in your life. When you take care of yourself, you are much more available to take care of those around you. Leaza primarily works out of her studio in San Rafael but is also available for on site bookings, including offices or parties.  Awaken Your Body is pleased to be your resource for quality massage & bodywork.

Backstage Bodywork specializes in the entertainment & event industry

Leaza previously worked as a stagehand in San Francisco with IATSE Local 16 for 11 years. Once she became a massage therapist, she had the opportunity to provide massage & bodywork to various performing artists and crew members. This led her to establish Backstage Bodywork, an on-site massage & bodywork practice catering to performing artists, crew members, events and venues by bringing quality massage & bodywork to private homes, hotels, film sets, concerts, theatrical productions, athletic events, corporate events and parties.

Serving the San Francisco Bay Area, including, San Francisco, North Bay, South Bay and East Bay.

Book for individuals or groups. Single sessions, half days and full days available.

Relieving & Improving:

  • Headaches/Migraines

  • Back Pain (including sciatica)

  • Neck Pain (including whiplash)

  • Shoulder Pain (including frozen shoulder)

  • Pain & Tension in Extremities

  • Postural & Structural Issues

  • Carpal Tunnel symptoms

  • Lack of Range of Motion

  • Stress & Anxiety      

Massage for Film
Massage for Music, musicians, rock and roll
Massage for theater

Sean M.~ "Leaza provides an incredible massage that just melts the stress from you. I had her come to me, and she was right on time, had all her tools, made the experience one of the best I have had in my travels and on tours. I'd highly recommend Leaza to any and ALL touring professionals, when they need that hour or two to de-stress and enjoy a relaxing and therapeutic massage and environment to reenergize, either at the show venue or in their hotel."

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