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Awaken Your Body

A Massage & Bodywork Studio

Marin County, California

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Welcome to Awaken Your Body & Backstage Bodywork, Massage Therapy San Rafael Marin County! I believe that when you feel great in your body and are grounded & rejuvenated, you truly excell in everything you do and your day to day life experience is much richer. Each massage & bodywork session offers you an opportunity to heal, relax and connect with your body, mind & spirit so you can feel your best while you're doing your best.

~ Leaza Urban

Massage Therapist San Rafael Marin County

My main focus of work incorporates "structural" or "postural" work (Sometimes referred to as "Medical Massage"), helping clients heal and get relief from chronic or acute physical discomfort. I believe that including other modalities to encourage relaxation will assist in the healing process. I do also provide clients with sessions that focus only on relaxation when that is requested.

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On Site Massage & Bodywork

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N Knott~ "My husband and I both seem to have lots of knots in our backs, shoulders, and legs and often don't even realize it, but Leaza has magic in her hands and goes just to the right spot.  I have had recent issues with rotator cuff tendonitis and a bizarre foot injury, and  she  has done an extraordinary job in getting the healing channels opened which has helped my recovery.  She shares wellness tips and appropriate exercises for whatever is happening to us at the moment.  Leaza is very professional, caring, and truly a healer!"  

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